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Thanks for the warm welcome. I have had problems for years I remember back in 1996 when I had surgery on both knees to remove the cartilage that was bad I had PT and they finally released me from therapy because no matter what they did my leg muscles would not get stronger. I also had went to a doctor I don't even remember now how many years ago it was probably 7 or more because I had terrible muscle spasms in my back that doctor thought I had MS and sent me to a neuro but my MRI came back fine and he would not see me again so I have been having problems for many years.
I just had a feeling when I went to the neuro I am going to now she was going to mention MS.
She had me do all kind of things like standing with my eye closed and feet together I fell over and sitting with my arms out and eyes closed I bobbed all over the place. I was suppose to take the heal of my foot and run it down the front of my leg I figure no problem but no matter how hard I tried my heal drifted off my leg.
The neuro mentioned my hands tremble I never noticed that but then my husband said he has been noticing my hands tremble and that things were not quite right but figured if he said anything I would get mad and accuse him of trying to find things wrong with me *lol*
Now I have vertigo and dizzy spells in fact I fell off my chair and hit my head yesterday or maybe I mentioned that already. Yes I also have no short term memory anymore and the muscle spasms in my back never leave I have had them for 7 years and I can't remember how long I have had the pins and needles feeling in my body or the buzzing in my ears that never leaves. The headachs I get that start at the base of my skull and go up behind my right eye have been with me for 15 years so I am falling apart.
I hope I get some type of answers what ever it is I will have to accept it as sitting around feeling sorry for myself won't make it go away. I will try to be strong and keep busy with my crafts glad I have my crafts to occupy my time it beats sitting around throwing myself a pitty party every day.
Thanks again for the warm welcome guess only time will tell what is wrong.

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