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I have the joint pain also and lots of stiffness. My knees hurt so much that I can't sleep. I do take Tylenol also and Motrin [RX] and I think the Tylenol works better. Some days are worse than others.

I was dx's Dec 2004, started Avonex Jan 2005, My right arm is numb and tingles and I have alot of surface pain on my wrist and hand. I asked my neuro about the stiffness and he says it is arthritis!! Yeah just what I need another DX!! :rolleyes:
My PCP says no to the arthritis and yes to getting old, and I disagreed with that also, because I don't feel old!! I am only 27... oh I mean 48 ;)
So it is self treat time, Tylenol, heating pads, rest, I attribute alot of how I feel to MS and my PCP says not to do that, but what else can I do. IF I never had these pains before and I have them now..... I'm thinking it is some sort of MS Symptom. I have had lower back pain, teeth paid, awful teeth pain, that is now gone and I have no cavities.

It does take some time to get diagnosed, I hurried my dr along, when he said come back in 4 weeks, I was like no that is not soon enough, I mean it is my life, my job, I needed answers!! you have to be pro active with your care, and treatment, because who else will!!! research all that you can on the computer, about MS, go the MS society on line become knowledgable, that is what I tell everyone who is in your situation and I also tell them to Listen to your Body!!
I hope you get some answers

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