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Re: New with ?'s
Nov 17, 2005
I was dx'd December 2004 I started with Avonex Jan 2005, about a month ago I changed the way I eat. no more processed foods, no fast food, no MSG, no artificial sweetners, only meat, veggies, fruit, whole wheat bread, complex carbs, and I drink ALOT of water. I also take vitamins and nutritional supplements Calcium w/D. Vitamin E, CLA, Cod Liver Oil pills, magnesium, and natural progesterone cream, [MS'ers need to take more essential oils and Omega 3's]. I just had 2 very busy days and I feel tired but not drag down tired or as someone here called it like "worms are eating your muscles", because in the past that is exactly how I would have felt. I am amazed I believe that the way I am eating and the supplements that I am taking are actually helping me!!!

I still will take the Avonex, my arm is still numb, I walk a little funny, I still have my MS symptoms, but I have more energy and that is just wonderful, if I can continue this way and not have to add anymore RX's then I will be happy. :) :bouncing:

I went to a nutritionist she was not covered by insurance and it was the best $$ that I spent so far on this illness. Just something to think about. This message board is very supportive if you are having a hard time and these people know lots of stuff!! Register w/the MS Society on line, they have a great program for people just diagnosed.
Good Luck

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