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Re: Clonazepam
Nov 16, 2005
I've been taking klonopin for over 2 yrs now. At first it was to relax muscles that were in spasm (wooden stiff leg, etc). This past July Neuro switched me over to baclofen and zanaflex, wow. As the klonopin left my system the spasms were so bad (pre dx all over again) my anxiety, distress went through the roof. The new meds took a bit of time to kick in, but I was back at psycho drs office 'in distress'. She put me on a reduced amt of klonopin. I feel much better now. All the meds seem to be working together pretty well. I've even cut down on the small amount (2 mgs 4x day to 1 mg 2x day) I was up to 4 mgs daily before switch, problem was building up a tolerance to it and not working, so I had to switch to b and z.

Klonopin will ease anxiety and help with spasms.
Hope it helps you!

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