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Nov 26, 2005
I am not dx with MS, but when I bend my neck down I get a buzzing sensation in neck and right arm, but when I crack my neck it doesn't happen again for awhile. Does this sound like Lhemittes to any of you?

Thank you
Re: Lhermittes
Nov 29, 2005
Lisa, L'Hermitte's happens specifically when you bend your neck forward (chin toward chest) and is sort of instantaneous (stops when you straighten your neck). Now, a weird buzzing feeling and that hip and knee pain still kinda sound like there could be a neurological problem. Buzzing, because our nerves conduct electricity. The hip and knee, I've had problems with that for years off and on, I know what you mean, it is pretty horrible, can't sleep, can't walk, can't THINK.
Do mention both to your neuro if you haven't already, and good luck! Let us know what you learn.

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