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Re: Lhermittes
Nov 29, 2005
[QUOTE=lilc]Yes, that is L'Hermitte's. It can be a symptom of MS (as in my case and Steph's). It can also be caused by spinal cord compression. You should get it checked out.[/QUOTE]
I just have a question to your repsonse about this. I have not yet been diagnosed but experience something similiar. I get this buzzing "feeling" at the base of my neck where we all have that big bone at the top just as our shoulders are divided....It starts to feel this way then get itchy sensations that I scratch and I am left with having to try to crack my neck or stretch it to try to get some relief from this weird buzzing feeling.
Does this sound like the same L'hermittes thingy to you. I notice my other symptoms are stronger as well, kind of like everything flaring up once again. The pain in my hip and knee is making me feel sick to my stomach lately, and I know that is probably only in my head but the knawing deep pain is so THERE, you know....?
Thanks fo any insight you may wish to help me with.
Best regards to all,

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