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Hi again.
I posted a couple of weeks ago about my neuro ordering tests.
On the 17th I had my brain MRI with and without contrast. Yesterday I went and picked up a copy of the report. Here's part of the report...

"There is a single focus of FLAIR and T2 signal abnormality in the left occipital white matter which measures approximately 10 mm transverse, 8 mm craniocaudad and 2 mm anteroposteriorly. The lesion does not have specific locational or orientational characteristics of a multiple sclerosis plaque, however, it remains nonspecific."

Under the Impression, the doc says:

"Single focus of signal abnormality in the left occipital white matter is nonspecific. Differential considerations include demyelinating process such as multiple sclerosis, ischemia, vasculitis or migraine.

My next appointment with my neuro isn't until the 18th and I'm kind of going crazy thinking about this. :eek:
Does anyone understand what this could mean?
I don't have migraines and can also pretty much rule out the other causes because I have no symptoms of either of those. MS seems to make the most sense. Is this enough, along with my symptoms, to diagnose or should I have an LP as well?

Any thoughts, advice or comments are greatly appreciated

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