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If so what was the outcome? My MRI is showing plaque on mid thoracic spine but no where else. My doctor called me two days ago and said my Brain and cervical MRI's were normal. I asked about my thoracic and lumbar spine and he said the reports were not sent yet to his office. His nurse called me yesterday and said the the dr. wants me to make an appt to go over the MRI. So I'm nervous because I have the report but can't make heads or tails of it. So, I'm assuming its not good/normal due to the fact he wants to see me. So, I'm just curious if anyone had this on the spine and not on cervical or Brain. The doctor told me he was looking for MS before I did the MRI's/ the report says that the plaque was seen clearly after the contrast/gadolinium was seen. What does this mean?
Katina :jester:

yes,I have lesions in the spine thoracic and lumbar,I guess MS does not disriminate against the central nervous symptom.Even though the MRI of the brain showed no lesions,they could be very small.
My nuero-MS fellowship read my brain MRI's and did state that the brain atrophy is a precursor for MS and that their was minute lesions that a trained radiologist can miss.The same with my cervical MRI,it showed spinal cord atrophy with no impingement or disk herniations,tiny lesions.
I contribute the freqent falling to the lesions in the spine.
Good to hear that your neuro is on top of everything.My first two neuro's dismissed the possibility of MS.
Happy New Year

I too only had spinal lesions when I was first dx'd. Brain caught up later. I see a lot of neuro's only order the brain MRI and not the spinal, when they need to be ordering both because there are obviously exceptions to their rules... First time I had one done it was only the brain, so they told me I didn't have MS. They changed their story a few months later after a 2nd bought of optic neurtis and complete MRI's. Be glad your doctor was smart enough to order it up properly the first time.

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