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Dec 30, 2005
HI, I haven't seen my neurologist yet. I go the 8th of January or maybe the 9th. Anyway, this is all my primary care doctor's doings. He called me two days ago and said that my cervical and brain MRI are all good. Then yesterday his office calls and said that Dr. Tambrini wants me to make an appt for Monday so he can go over the thoracic MRI with me. So, like I said earlier, My pcp is on top of everything. I don't know if its MS or not but I do know that he was looking for it. So, I wasn't sure if a MRI of brain and cervical spine was good if it ruled out MS. SO I guess my question is because this plaque stuff the report is talking about and the MRI pictures are circled with a red pen, does this mean MS is still a possiblity? THat is why I asked if anyone had it on their thoracic cord and no where else and still had MS. My pcp did give me a handicapped parking placard for my car because of my legs being weak and I fall. So, I'm pretty lucky I've got a good doctor. Thanks for staying on top of my posts and getting back to me even if you don't know the answers. It is nice to see people care enough to read the posts.

Katina :)

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