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Re: Tremors???
Jan 6, 2006
Shaywood, I've had tremor for about 15 years. For me it does affect my hands, arms and legs, but it is worst in my neck/head. I cannot hold my head still without resting my elbow on the table and my head on my hand. (Remember Katharine Hepburn's tremor? She had a "Yes yes" head shake, mine is "no no"!) I can tell you that the only sensation I've ever had with the tremor is the shaking, no vibrating sensation or other muscle or even nerve sensation. I'd liken it to how you feel if you lean against something that is shaking.
When I first had L'Hermitte's, however, I had a constant, pulsing vibration in the small of my back. THAT was VERY strange! Felt like a cat's purr INSIDE my body.
Don't know anything about the bowel ducts, sorry!

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