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Re: Puzzled
Jan 7, 2006
Hi KelliD
Last night I had a twitch over my left eye above my eyebrow. I always have numbness off and on everyday in my right breast and the right side of my face and around my mouth.This has been going on for 3 months now. I am also having a muscle spasms on and off in my left sholder blade. That just started 4 days ago , I thought maybe I just pulled it.That also comes and goes.You are right in that it seems to be worse when Im tired.

I was sent to a Neuro last year for a scooping on my left leg. He asked if I was having any other syptoms but at the time I wasnt. He chalked it up to displaced fat. I told him I was also having almost like an electric shock feeling in my head. It would zap me on and off through the night. But I have only had 3 of those. He didnt think anything of it and said he could give me something for it but I said it wasnt happening enough to start taking medication.

How are you doing? I thankyou for shedding light on this for me you have been very helpful.

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