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Oh the pain!!
Jan 12, 2006
I am waiting for the results of the LP I had done on Tuesday this week.
Saw my GP yesterday and went over the MRI of my brain and my current sx.
He's pretty much convinced it's MS as well but, no one is willing to come out and say it. Not enough evidence to support a true dx.
Both the neuro and GP have told me to see an MS specialist. (Sorry if I am repeating myself, hard to remember...)
I set up an appointment with one at USF in Tampa. I will see him in May.
Keep hoping that something will occur between now and then that might bring me closer to a dx by my neuro. *sigh*

My GP did an exam and noted new weakness in my left leg and foot. He also rx'd me Baclofen for the severe muscle cramps and spasms. Took the first dose last night and didn't feel any relief.

As of right now I am in constant pain in my back, hips and thighs. Pain goes to my foot on the left. It seems to back off a little bit but, comes back with a vengeance after awhile. This started the week before Christmas and has gotten steadily worse since then.
I don't see my pain management doc till Tuesday next week and have been eeking out my Vicodin. LOL!

How do those of you that deal with pain on a daily basis cope with it?

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