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So, for over 5 years I've been fighting with a bunch of symptoms that started after I had my son. When I went for my yearly with my OB/GYN and told her about them, she said it was my thyroid. So, was treated by my family dr. for a good while before we could even get me regulated, but still felt (and still feel like crap). Have seen 2 endocronolgists (sp). My family dr. is open to listening to me, the one endo poo-pooed me like it's all in my head. I've had a sleep study done at my request and found very mild sleep apnea to the point that the insurance co. didn't want to cover the cost of the machine. I just had blood work done for diabetes, insulin resistance and who knows what else...nothing.

A neighbor just called tonight to say she was diagnosed with MS and as she spoke with my husband he kept telling her that those were my problems too.

I am so tired all the time, doesn't matter how much sleep I get. Energy level is horrible. I started lifting weights/walking this fall, but am not fatigued after I exercise. I've had an almost impossible time at losing weight. I feel overwhelmed ...the "why can everyone else have children, keep a clean house, work, etc." and I can't.

My neighbor also said she started having ringing in her ears, which then got me thinking. I have been experiencing these 'things' since late summer. It's not a buzzing or ringing in my ear, but almost like an electric zap sound...does that make sense? I grew up on a small farm, so I likened it to the zzzzz when you touched the electric fence! :) That realization threw me..

Do any of these symptoms sound like what any of you experience?

Thanks so much.

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