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2 relapses dx'd December 2004 with the relapsing remitting ms, started Avonex January 2005 Started treatment for depression w/Zoloft and therapy, in March 2005, ended therapy October 2005, it helped me deal with the actual dx of MS, and living with it, and just made be comfortable with what I have and how my life has done a 360 degree change. Which helped me to release stress and control, and I realized that I just cannot do what I used to do, and that was ok :)
I started taking Vitamin E to help with the hot flashes that came to visit me after my last dose of solumedrol [in Novermber 2004], also added a daily vitamin, and Calcium w/D, along with glucaphage from that solmedrol tx my sugar rose and now I am on that med, I do take elavil to sleep which is wonderful.
In October 2005 I went to a Holistic nutritionist, she put me on CLA, Cod liver oil pills, Magnesium, Zyflammed, and natural progesterone, plus totally changed the way I eat, all whole foods, lots of Olive Oil, not too many processed foods, NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETNERS, more fruit, and veggies, no more junk food, and water lots of water. In November I started swimming exercise classes at the YMCA, and I found that going every day to the pool and changing my eating has actually given me energy !! :bouncing:
My right arm is still numb from the shoulder to my fingertips, and I have pain on that arm, my hands and feet get horribly cold, walking and balance is still a bit off, my knee and ankle freeze up on me and of course L'Hermittes is still here, so basically I still have my MS issues, but the fatigue is not so much a bother.
It is just amazing to me that all that I do helps me feel better, I am sure that I will still have my down times, mostly because of PMS, but I feel that I have to keep this up, this is my life now, and that this is how I am handling my MS.

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