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Was this lesion on the ct scan or mri,very seldon do lesions apear on ct scans.I have tarlov cysts at the lumbar nerve endings also called lesions these do not show up on a cat scan,the mri they do.
your symptoms do very much sound like MS.With relapsing and remitting they go away,but can leave residual side affects behind.
Did he explain the lesion in the brain,Did he do an EMG to confirm neuropathy,Evoked potentials or a lumbar puncture?
There many diseases that do mimic MS and each one can be eliminated through these process.
You know how you feel,be your best advocate.I had to go to 3 different neurologist just to find one that said hey,these symptoms have lasted to long and they all add up to MS.I also have radiculopathy a form of neuropathy,but it is isolated to a particular area.
The new neurologist I have now read all my mri's--brain cervical,thoracic,lumbar and read the emg reports and the blood work and before I left his office he told me he is pretty sure I have MS.I have no visible lesions,just brain and cervical atrophy ,they are shrinking for no reason and past lesions will cause this.With rrms the lesions can disappear and cause little grey areas on an mri.
Lauren,I know how frustrating this can be I fought with Doctors for a year and a half and when I found this neurologist I ask him to honestly hear what I was saying and that I was not crazy I know how I feel.After a neurological exam he stated that there was definate neurological deficits that are consistant with MS.I just had a Lumbar Puncture and waiting for results.
I think it's awesome that your becoming a teacher.
I'm 40 and I wear leg braces and use a cane and now I have to use bifocals.Its rough getting old.I hate the electric jolts,I feel like I've been electricuted.
Stay positive and find a new neuro,a years a long way off
Prayers to you


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