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I had Botox injections in my calf 3 months ago. The doctor uses very thin needles and injects 3-4 vials of Botox in different parts of your muscles. I really didn't feel anything. I must say that it did really help the muscle spasm in my leg and now that it is wearing off, I notice it's benefits more because the spasms are becoming more of a problem again. I didn't feel very well the day after the shot...but that could have been just one of those days!

I asked the neuro at my last appointment if I should up my Baclofen (which I take at night) or Zanaflex (which I occasionally take during the day) and he said that he would rather that I take another round of Botox. The other drugs make me a little drowsy and he wants me to keep my head in the game.

I didn't mind this treatment at all and my insurance company paid for it...surprisingly enough. I heard that it costs approx. $5000. Not sure if that is correct or not.

Hope this helps you!! Best of luck! Barb :wave:
Hi again!!!!

I didn't have any swelling at all. I would love to say that my 40+year old calf looked alot younger, but I didn't notice that!! They injected the gastrocnemius muscle and the anterior tibial and that definitely reduced the spasms from those muscles. I have a foot drop and it seemed to be more pronounced before the Botox. Oh, and there were people in the Rehab Drs office who had strokes, etc other than MS so I assume that their insurance paid for it too. Best of luck to you! Barb
When I first was dx'd with BET (benign essential tremor) about 15 years ago the research I did suggested botox was being tried for that. It never appealed to me because it is, well, poison (botulism toxin - no idea if I spelled it right). I was horrified when it became popular for cosmetic purposes! But the fact remains, it does what they want it to do - temporarily induces a degree of paralysis in muscles, making them less tense. For those of us with uncooperative muscles, it might make sense...
I get botox shots in my neck for muscle spasms. I have a condition called cervical dystonia also known as spasmodic torticollis. My neck muscles are in a constant spasm, they become very hard. The botox has helped me alot, it helps me function on a daily basis, as before I was getting so stiff that in order to turn my head I pretty much had to turn my whole body. I get the botox shots every 3 months, 300 units, the cost is expensive but I get help from NORD (National Organization for Rare Disorders). I would reccomend this treatment for any spasm, I do not have any side affects from the botox. I hope this might help someone who is thinking about gettting botox for cervical dystonia (spasmodic torticollis). Is there anyone that has been diagnosed with this disorder that I might be able to compare symptoms with.
God Bless and take care,

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