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Hi Curious,

I think because he's had good results with Botox. Btw, he's a MS specialist/neuro. He asked why my regular neuro hadn't suggested it! But he did confirm that insurance wouldn't pay for it. I've been on Soma and Baclofen for 3 years and not gotten much relief. I've also had physical therapy (two different rounds), acupuncture, cranial sacral massage - with very limited success - and chiropractic actually made things much, much worse.

Towards the end of my appt. the specialist said he wanted to wait before giving me anything until the results of the LP had come in, which I guess makes sense. Still, I was wondering if anyone had tried Botox for spasms. Expensive, but the MS specialist seemed to have a lot of faith in it and thought it was a shame insurance wouldn't recognize it as being beneficial. I've also read it's being used with success in treating migraines.

I had Botox injections in my calf 3 months ago. The doctor uses very thin needles and injects 3-4 vials of Botox in different parts of your muscles. I really didn't feel anything. I must say that it did really help the muscle spasm in my leg and now that it is wearing off, I notice it's benefits more because the spasms are becoming more of a problem again. I didn't feel very well the day after the shot...but that could have been just one of those days!

I asked the neuro at my last appointment if I should up my Baclofen (which I take at night) or Zanaflex (which I occasionally take during the day) and he said that he would rather that I take another round of Botox. The other drugs make me a little drowsy and he wants me to keep my head in the game.

I didn't mind this treatment at all and my insurance company paid for it...surprisingly enough. I heard that it costs approx. $5000. Not sure if that is correct or not.

Hope this helps you!! Best of luck! Barb :wave:
my neuro suggested that when i was at my last appointment in december,,, i said no thnx,, only thing i could think of is women who have that crap shot into their lips and them being really huge and ugly looking like someone punched em in the mouth,,, so he just gave me more baclofen
Hi again!!!!

I didn't have any swelling at all. I would love to say that my 40+year old calf looked alot younger, but I didn't notice that!! They injected the gastrocnemius muscle and the anterior tibial and that definitely reduced the spasms from those muscles. I have a foot drop and it seemed to be more pronounced before the Botox. Oh, and there were people in the Rehab Drs office who had strokes, etc other than MS so I assume that their insurance paid for it too. Best of luck to you! Barb
When I first was dx'd with BET (benign essential tremor) about 15 years ago the research I did suggested botox was being tried for that. It never appealed to me because it is, well, poison (botulism toxin - no idea if I spelled it right). I was horrified when it became popular for cosmetic purposes! But the fact remains, it does what they want it to do - temporarily induces a degree of paralysis in muscles, making them less tense. For those of us with uncooperative muscles, it might make sense...
[QUOTE=scarlet45]i have been offered botox treatment for my blurred vision, but was not sure about it as no one knows what is causing the mucsle spasmsin my vision has been blurred and double vision for 18 months.i had an mri and was told it was nomal that was 18 months .i also get very tired and get vertigo :confused:[/QUOTE]
well i had the botox injction for the accomadative spasm in my eyes ,but it did not work so they are going to try a stronger dose in jan ,but they still dont know why it is happening,and dont know if next one will work as i am an unusual case. so very worried and fed up as work are giving me a hard time.:confused:
I get botox shots in my neck for muscle spasms. I have a condition called cervical dystonia also known as spasmodic torticollis. My neck muscles are in a constant spasm, they become very hard. The botox has helped me alot, it helps me function on a daily basis, as before I was getting so stiff that in order to turn my head I pretty much had to turn my whole body. I get the botox shots every 3 months, 300 units, the cost is expensive but I get help from NORD (National Organization for Rare Disorders). I would reccomend this treatment for any spasm, I do not have any side affects from the botox. I hope this might help someone who is thinking about gettting botox for cervical dystonia (spasmodic torticollis). Is there anyone that has been diagnosed with this disorder that I might be able to compare symptoms with.
God Bless and take care,

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