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I haven't been diagnosed as having MS but the MS specialist says its "possible MS". The neuro said that Botox injections might help my muscle spasms either way. Has anyone who is experiencing muscle spasms ever tried Botox and did it help?

Thanks, Kelpie :cool:
I had Botox injections in my calf 3 months ago. The doctor uses very thin needles and injects 3-4 vials of Botox in different parts of your muscles. I really didn't feel anything. I must say that it did really help the muscle spasm in my leg and now that it is wearing off, I notice it's benefits more because the spasms are becoming more of a problem again. I didn't feel very well the day after the shot...but that could have been just one of those days!

I asked the neuro at my last appointment if I should up my Baclofen (which I take at night) or Zanaflex (which I occasionally take during the day) and he said that he would rather that I take another round of Botox. The other drugs make me a little drowsy and he wants me to keep my head in the game.

I didn't mind this treatment at all and my insurance company paid for it...surprisingly enough. I heard that it costs approx. $5000. Not sure if that is correct or not.

Hope this helps you!! Best of luck! Barb :wave:
I have been fighting spasmodic torticollis for alot of years,I have gotten so many injections but even the botox has not stopped it !!! So please feel free to post to me . This has been soooooo devastating not only the pain but all the meds and injections !!!!!

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