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Can anyone help??
Feb 11, 2006
Can anyone help me? I am going to a Nuerologist on the 23rd of march and will be checked for MS.
Do my symptoms sounds like MS??
Im a bit worried.


Weakness ( trembling feeling)
Tired feeling
Heavy feeling
Pain- Most of the pain is in my lower legs but have just started to get a lot of spasms in upper legs and pain also.
Muscle spasms, more severe in left leg but happens in both. Spasms in both legs.The spasms are constant and they are multiple.
Numbness and tingling in left foot, started with toes and moved up into my lower leg. No numbness in right leg.
Top of feet itch intensely on occasion
Loss of balance and tend to fall to the right

Heavy feeling
Stabbing/ throbbing
Muscle spasms occasionally not daily as in legs.
Numbness in hands
Numbness and tingling in left arm
Itching above outer elbow on both arms ( occasionally)

Hands & Wrist
Swelling or feels like swelling
Clumsy and difficult to perform tasks.
Pins and needles
Sensitive to cold
Palms of hands have burned on occasion. Once so badly I called the Dr.

Pain often
Electric pinch. Feels like the pain runs from the top to bottom. From under my head down my neck, on the left side.
Throbbing pain (same throbbing pain I get all over my body)

Lower back seems normal, stiff once in a while
Upper Back, constant pins and needles in right upper back across from shoulder. Feels like something biting at me and it radiates like a electrical feelings, as if its a irritated nerve.
Flank pain, sometimes unbearable in left side. Happens in both right and left but left is always worse.

Pain in all of my joints, can feel crushing aching or throbbing. Sometimes the pain feels like a sprain

Blurred vision
Throbbing pain around eyes (outer edge)
Aching pain in eyes as if it was punched (outer edge)
Periodicly see flashes.
When I take a shower I see silver sparkles out of both eyes.

Numbness on occasion
Crackling right jaw (on occasion)
Shooting pain from jaw into temple (sharp feeling)
Ringing and humming in ears, left ear a lot worse. Left ear feels clogged up can not hear good out of it. Occasional pain.
Heat makes me dizzy abd blurs my vision.

Abdominal Area
Frequent belly aches ( mostly caused by gas) Gas x helps
IBS ( I think ) I have chronic diaharea
Constant symptoms of UTI with burning, unable to urinate and the Dr. Says no UTI. After the constant burning for a day or two, I then go to the bathroom with constant urgency and large amounts of urine.

Butt goes numb too.
Once had a strange tingling, tightning of right buttox, it spread up my lower back and into my waist. It came on and went away several time for two days. I can only describe it as all my nerves were flared and squeezing. I could feel it moving, it was not painful but uncomfortable.

General feeling
Brain fog at a times
Memory problems (short term)
Loss of the right words.
A am a bit moody at times.
Often lack energy for more then one week. Small tasks seem impossible, takes every ounce of strength to do small things.
When I have bouts of no energy, I feel physically worn out and my body just says can not do what we need to do today. When I'm like this I am so tired. I even lack the energy to have a conversation.
I hurt every day, everywhere. Something hurts, some where everyday. The throbbing pains are not every day. The throbbing pains can happen any where they want and they move around my body. It may be in my wrist, them moves to my shoulder, then on over to the left shoulder,,,,,,,,, then there it will go to my right elbow and then to my ankle. All with in a half of an hour.
Increased physical activity makes me hurt more.

I am not depressed but so get frustrated with my limitations to be able to do what I need to do, with out pain and excertion.

Newest things happeneing.
The pain in my eyes
Woke up with left leg, left arm and left side of head numb.
Muscle spasms are getting worse, all over legs and now my feet have them. Instead of a few here and there.
Spasms in Upper Stomach ( have gone away since last Drs. Visit)

How I feel? Tired of being in pain and wondering whats next?

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