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Re: Barbelle...
Feb 25, 2006
Hi Curious11 !!
I am not completely sure how it was written up, but maybe if I tell you the steps that I went thru, that may help. First of all, I have a foot drop with (I guess) a quad drop, too. The neuro sent me to a rehab dr...who sent me to a very good neuro physical therapist. After we went thru the usual exercizes, etc. for a few weeks, she thought that the spasms that were driving my foot down may be able to be relieved with Botox and then my sessions with her could be more productive. So, she recommended that to the rehab dr and their office ordered it and sent in the proper documentation to my insurance company. If you want me to find out the exact wording, I could call their office. I think that they got records from the neuro, the PT and then their own records at the rehab. I have Health Assurance and they did approve it..

It has been 3 months since I had the injection and in retrospect, it absolutely made a difference. It is now wearing off and that is how I can tell it helped. I hope this is helpful. I think that the more documentation, the better.

I am trying to stay so proactive with this disease that sometimes I feel bad that I take risks like Botox...I have read the posts that some people are very against taking such a 'toxic' drug. I guess everyone with MS has different symptoms and different ways to combat it. I am very grateful to have the few meds that I am on and for the new diet and vitamen regime that I trying (thanks to our buddy KellyD).

Best of luck to you and please let me know if you want me to get the exact wording. Have a great weekend! Barb :wave:

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