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I have recently began feeling strange-- been happening for a month or two now (BLURRED VISION IN RIGHT EYE, TINGLING OR "buzzing" FEELING IN LEFT HAND, MOSTLY PINKY AND RING FINGER, BURNING PAINS IN FEET, FEELING OF "WETNESS" ON MY ARM, HEADACHES, TIGHTNESS IN JOINTS, ESP. FINGERS, OVERSENSITIVITY TO HEARING, OCCASIONAL HEART PALPATATIONS). I don't know if I have MS but I was wondering, if this is MS then i guess this is my first "flare up." How long do flare ups usually last? How do flare ups generally work? Do you go through these symptoms for a certain length of time and then BOOM, you're back to normal, only to be hit again in the future, or do these symptoms sort of linger and just minimize. i know this is different for everyone, but generally speaking, what is the deal with flare ups?

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