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Angry ,please read
Feb 28, 2006
I'm not sure who I'm more angry with the MRI center or the handful of neurologist that I have seen.

I had the pleasure of going to the Cleveland Clinic 1 week ago.The neurologist I seen was wonderful, with a great sense of humor.She spent 2 1/2 hours with me.Very thorough testing and she explained each one and she told me what was passed and which test were failed.

When it came for her to reveiw the MRI films,I took her the actual films and a copy on a CD.The films in the packages were limited verses the ones on the CD.The MRI center selected and picked only a few to send to the neurologist to reveiw.As she was reveiwing these on the CD she found ones consistant with lesions in the cervical area.They are plain as day,little white ovals.Anyone picking up MRI films you need to specify that you need every picture,just not the ones the radiologist decides to print.

I had a lumbar puncture a month ago and I am yet waiting results for that,I really like this neurologist, but he has not yet released the results to the neurologist at the clinic,she had to threaten him through the legal department to get results.

I still don't have a comfirmed dx yet but she said by the end of March I would.I have to go back in 2 weeks for a deep muscle emg/ncs and a new set of MRI's and she will see me after the tests and give the results then.She is looking for polyneuropathy secondary to MS.

When I left her office I was very releived that she didn't dismiss my symptoms as being stress,anxiety or premenapausal.I've had Drs tell me that I was at that magical age (40) and thats when a body starts falling apart.

Anyone still seeking a DX's don't give up.Keep searching for a neurologist that will listen.I almost cancelled this appointment out of frustration.I've been on this roller coaster of neurological symptoms since 2004 and it has taken me to see the 9th to listen and actually hear me.

make a list of all your symptoms ,when they started,how long they lasted,did they return,if it is not a normal feeling for you write it down,big or small.this made my appointment go so much easier.When seeing a new DR,we don't always remember everything,leave the DR the list.Some appointments are time limited and this gives the neurologist time to reveiw it later.

When I left this DR she handed me a print out of 7 pages,she had on this her findings,future test and why.Blood test and what they were for.We all see these DRs and Lord knows what they are thinking or writing down and we are left a lot of times not knowing anymore than what we did before our appointment.

Just wanted to share.

Prayers to all


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