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Thanks guys! I am going to call my neuro in a little while and let him know. I think I black out when it comes to recalling old symptoms. And when I say old... it was only 6 months ago! haha But I know that this surface numbness from my stomach down was prominent during my last attack. And by the time I got in to see a GOOD neurologist, my feet were completely numb. I think they use that vibrating metal tool, and I could never feel the buzzing on my feet. My concern is that the surface numbness I have on both my legs will just lead to more symptoms if I don't do anything about it, and since I have been feeling pretty good for the past few months, I am not willing to take that risk! Things were just starting to get back on track, so I would like to keep them that way. Thanks for posting! Take care :angel:
my numbness is more like a buzzing feeling, not really numb at all. just a buzzing that occurs under the skin of my left hand. for the past month i would awake from a deep sleep to find that the hand had gone completely dead. that has since stopped happening. sometimes i will feel the buzzing under in theballs of my feet, but this is more pins and needles and this is a bit painful.

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