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Please can you tell me if you think this is ms...Neuro won't tell me.

Just before xmas i noticed some numbness/tingling in my arms which i dismissed. On xmas eve i lost dexterity in my hands and couldn't wrap pressies! This continued over xmas break. Saw doctor who did some strength tests and referred me to neuro. By the time i saw the neuro i was having balance issues, walking as if i was drunk and had no energy at all.

I have 2 young very lively boys so this is a problem! The neuro did all the strength/reflex tests and took my history. I had had numbness in my face in jan 2000 according to my records (i could not remember that). He then sent me for an mri and evoked potentials test. My mri came back showing 1 patch of inflammation in my neck on my spinal cord but my brain was clear. My evoked tests were fine. I was then sent for full brain and spine mri using contrast. Only the 1 patch of inflammation was showing.

My symptoms have been getting energy, dreadful tingling hands and feet (especially when i move my neck), dexterity comes and goes, wobbly balance, very weak legs, stiffness in arms, walk like a robot at a snails pace, twitching in arms and hands, right foot feels like it is in a bucket of hot water, back feels like it has a heat pack on, cold water feels like it is running out of my right ear (very odd!) tinnitis, and it feels like i have a mobile phone in my tummy which is ringing on vibrate every once in a while! Apart from that i am fine!!!

I went into hospital for 3 days intravenous steroids. 3 weeks later it has done nothing. Saw neuro yesterday. He is very disappointed that steroids have not worked. I now have another mri scheduled for this evening. Also seeing neuro next week for results. I have been given amitriptyline for the tingly sensation.

This has been going on for 3 months now. Starting to feel very down and emotional. Feel like my life has been stolen. I want it back. Feel like I am in limbo land with no idea when i am going to get well again.

Does this sound like ms to you? The diagnosis i have been given is myelitis. When i have read about that is seems to say a lot of people then go on to get ms. What do you think? Any opinions gratefully received! Thanks for listening... :confused:

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