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Re: Do I have ms
Mar 17, 2006
Hi there Dave
You have had a tough time of it and I am so sorry things are like that for you.We are in the same boat I would say the doctors not believing you, when you said you were ill last year for 6-7 weeks i was like that too and i was at the point of breaking down ,I was worried. They turned round asnd said that i have an inner ear problem and gave me pills and sent me packing.
well i suppose it is better than stress. Dont take no for an answer you maybe have stress but stress causes so much diseases. The doctors are wrong only you know how you feel. Right now i get stabbing pains in my head and pain behind my eye which is awful. It is getting that i am getting used to this but you should not have to put up with this ,without us the doctors would not have a job.
Of balance feeling and walking sideways especially two or three hours in to the day which like your self gets left leg is very stiff and it feels like it is going to sleep and i tighten the muscles up as it annoys me.
I suffer like muscle spasms in back and i found that my arm would go where it likes ,thankfully that only happened once, it wasnt painful but i did worry.
when i walk my whole body would tingle but that only happens when i am not well. Fatigue can be a problem as well but now i dont work as much i can rest as much as i like, as like yourself my weight has increased and i used to go to the gym but i could not go now due to balance and all the other problems i have.
I also do suffer stress and i had panic attacks as well not quite sure why but there it is i have that to and also thyroid which is balanced right now but can add to alot of problems.actually the slightest little thing stresses me out and i do get down and take mood swings as well and memory is terrible, slightly deaf as well. I can relate to how you are feeling and it is worse when you dont feel well and you do say why me as i say all the time I wasnt to have my old life back but it is not to be for me. I do yoga to try and combat the stress and i feel it helps ,also palpitations is under control but sometimes i get them and it last s all day.
Vibrations at the back of my neck right now I would say more annoying than anything. The last time I was ill ,was in july of last year and it lasted like the 6 weeks and i was hanging over the desk at work feeling nauseated and vertigo i was all over the place. I dont know about you but do you get up and start to walk and your whole body tightens up and then thats where the tingles come in form my head to my toes. I dont get much blurry vision now I used to at first but not now.If i do it is when i fall ill but it is not that bad.
I also get numbness inside my mouth as well which it is not good when you meet people you tend to slaver over them, very embarrssing.
Well I am not going to bore you with anymore of my ailments I get tired of hearing myself ,I say nothing until that day comes that they can say there is something wrong with me other than stress.
I have read alot of stories on this site and these are kind people sharing experiences at least we are not alone.
I hope some of this has made a little sense at least you have had an mri i never got that far as when you have panic attacks they say its all in ur head.
Please feel free to write again get htings of your chest as they say it does help to talk and you do feel better for it. We are all human and have feelings
and are special in some way.


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