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Re: Do I have ms
Mar 17, 2006
Hi Everyone,

Like I said before I am new to this board. I feel sorry for all of you who are suffering from this disease and you guys can not get your Docs to confirm that you have MS. Have any of you had your eyes tested to see if you have Optic Neurilist I don't think I spelled that corectly. Anyway it is nreve damage to the eye which is caused from MS. That is a definite conformation that someone has MS. I know that you guys say that you have pain in your eyes.

If your Doctors don't confirm or give you an answer a optomitrist or a optomologist can confirm that for you. I had a Neuro optomitrist examine me cause I was having pain and my sight was not as good as it use to be. He confirmed it for me. I went to see another Doc about 6 months ago and he did not even know that I had MS. He told me that I had optic neuritist in my left eye. There are several test that they can do to see if you have MS.

MRI's, Spinal Taps, Evoked potential test, Blood test, & eye examines. These are just a few. I had some of the test show positive and some show negative. Maybe you guys need to go to another Neurologist. My Doc that I see specializes in MS, Parkinson, and Alshimer patients.

Don't let these doctors try to make you think that it is all in your head. It is like you say they do not have any idea what it is like to experience the symptoms that we experience.

tingling, numbness, fatigue, sharp shooting pains, leg cramps, memory loss, confusion, balance problems, weakness in arms and legs, pains in your eyes, tremors, shaking hands and legs and sometimes your feet. I could go on and on with other symptoms but you guys know what I am talking about.

Does any of you have any history in your families of having any neuro problems, or being sick with viruses or bacteria infections these are also family history that lets them know if you have MS. You see MS is a virus that attacks your body or in other words your immune system attacking itself.

I hope that I can be of some help to you guys. Please let me know about your results. Alexander make your doctor give you an MRI. I don't see why they don't they are not the ones having to pay for it & by the way it is expensive. Like I have said before I have had MRI's come back negative and eye examines come back positive. So take my advise and get them to give you that MRI or go see an eye doct. Especially a neuro optomistrist. I think I did not spell that correctly.

I wish the best for you I know that you must be so frustrated. You guys need to find out for sure so that you can get on the Meds that they now have for MS patient being newly diagnosed. The longer they wait the chances of damage being done to your body can aoccur and you see that damage can not be reversed especially the damage to the brain it is permanent.

I am not trying to discourage you guys I want to try and help you get some answers. Neurologist are not the most friendly doc. that they have around I think it is because they know that thier is really not much they can do for you except hope the meds they put you on will slow down the progression. I was taking chemo for about 9 months until it caused me to have congestive heart failure. That really sucked because you see that is the only treatment that they have available for me for the stage of ms that I am in. There are four stages of ms. I am in the third. The stages are Relasping Remitting or RR. Primary Progressive, Secondary Progressive and then they call it another name and I am not quite sure I am having a memory problem but anyway it is the stage when you can not longer walk on your own or do much for yourself. Are you familair with Richard Pryor he was pretty much not able to do anything for himself. However MS was not the cause of his death. If you don't know this or not MS can not kill you. People who die who have MS make die from complications due to MS. but not from MS alone.

Well I have rattled on and on enough for now. Again it is nice to be able to chat with you guys about the way that you are feeling. Good luck to you and please keep me informed.

Your friend

Judy :jester: :wave:

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