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MRI/Fow Voids?
Mar 18, 2006
Okay, I got my MRI results in the mail. (just a reminder- I don't have a diagnosis of anything yet. That's what I'm working on here). I don't have any of the films or the details- just the last page. At the bottom it says IMPRESSION: "Normal MRI scan of head."

However, above it says that "there are flow voids noted at the base of the brain." Now, I've been trying to figure out what these are/what it means, and that's not easy. Some medical dictionaries state that it's just an area where the protons in the blood moved before the image was taken, or that there is something there blocking the flow (like calcium). Flow voids also have some other long name, but in an article I read on them, they are referred to as "lesions." However, I don't think it necessarily indicates any type of demyelination. Some articles say that there could be something there, like calcium. I do know that it says "voids" and not just one single void. These were also not noted on my first MRI (4+ years ago).

So what I am wondering is... do any of you guys know about this? Have you had these "flow voids" show up on your MRI's? I am wondering if this is enough to push my neuro to do more tests (although I'm not sure what's left...) Maybe he should check my spine b/c know that 20 percent of MS patients don't have any lesions in their brains- they're on the spine. I mean, I have to assume that these are nothing since at they concluded that the scan was normal- however considering that I have so much stuff going on, it seems like it could be somehow significant and I'm not about to just let it be brushed aside w/out knowing for sure that it's normal.

Any info. you can offer me on this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

Hope you all are well....

Much Love,

******LATER******** Okay, so I've been reading up on some case studies and it seems that, even when a lesion of some type was present, the MR was still considered "normal". Is this consistent w/ your experiences? It seems like if they find anything at all, it wouldn't be "normal", I mean- what constitutes "abnormal"?

LOL- okay... I think I should slowly step away from the computer now before I drive myself crazy. I've done all the "research" I'm gonna' do for right now (yeah right). I'll wait until I hear from some of you :).

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