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Hi, I am thankful for finding this site, but am just not sure how to respond to all of this. I feel numb in feelings. I have spent the past 3 hours reading posts and for some reason I don't feel very encouraged. Why is this diagnosis so hard? It sounds like some Doctors need to go back to school and learn more about this. I realize there are a lot of things that doctors must know, but IF they don't know, they need to say, come back tomorrow at such and such time and let me look into this. I would be willing to come back. I am frustrated at how this system works. The doctor picks up your paperwork at the door, and quickly glances at the symptoms that you came in with and is already to diagnose without thinking twice. At least that is my perception. I believe that it is his/her responsibility to spend at least a half hour reviewing what records they have concerning the patients that they are going to see. Teachers have to plan weekly and daily for their next days class. They know what they want to discuss. Well, if you have an appointment, and the doctor has his/her schedule, why cannot they spend time looking at the patients history on file the night before? That way it is not a surprise when you come in and tell them I have come to see you before about this. :rolleyes:
I just believe that if most of us go into debt trying to pay our doctor bills that the bills should at least be warranted. That the doctors should do their homework.
Now, that I did a lot of ranting and raving! :mad: I would like to say HI again! :wave: I do not take MS lightly, although I do not know much about it. I have been recently diagnosed with "possible MS" When the doctor took me to her office and gave me a two page brief paperwork about it, I was in shock. What? I came in for a physical. I did not come in as I had over and over at different times to complain about new ailments, but just to come in and say "Give me a physical." She did a whole scan of bloodwork, all came back normal! Yay! But I told her that I was not doing so well as far as I am exhausted. I sleep ok at nights except I have an awful lower back pain on my left side, almost prevents me from moving. IT wakes me up in the middle of the night, I have to put a lot of pillows against my head board so that I can prop myself up to sleep.
I told her that I am still dealing with the numbness in my arms and hands. I thought that I was dealing with arthritis. When I would hold anything in a certain position for a few minutes or anything of weight, my fingers would lock in that place. LITERALLY. I cannot move my fingers. They go through paralyzation. IF I am using both hands it happens to both and therefore I am useless until I start getting some feeling back into them. If it just happens to one, I can try to straighten my fingers with my good hand one at a time, but it is a SLOW process, and VERY painful. So naturally, in my thinking I have arthritis. She did bloodwork and it came back negative. No I don't have arthritis.
My doctor looks deeper into my paperwork and finds that i have went to her over 3 years ago with the same ailments, and sees that I have also been to her on different occasions with [COLOR=Blue]Vertigo[/COLOR]. Which at the time she dismissed and said that she did not know what could be causing it. She felt that I may be experiencing inner ear problems, which on examination did not prove so. But she did nothing else.
She looks up at me and tells me that on one of my X-Rays, it showed that I [COLOR=Blue]had spurs on my cervical cord and lesions[/COLOR]. :confused: Ok, well why was I not told this when they found it? (I did not ask her this) I wanted to though. I held my tongue. I was just relieved that she was not shooing me out of her office with "take some advil and rest" answer.
She performed a couple of in office tests such as holding my hands in a certain position and of course they started tingling and becoming numb as well as my arms within a minute. She said confidently, you have carpal tunnel. Ok, that sounded resonably, (now this is BEFORE we talked about MS). She scheduled me with a surgeon to go ahead and get this straightened out. I was excited, I thought that i could use my hands again. ( I can use them, but with limited use) LEt me continue with the carpal tunnel before I go on. The surgeon would not see me until I saw his neuroligist to see if I had carpal tunnel. They put needles in my arms in various places and put these little metal prongs on my and sent electricity through me. Guess what? NO carpal tunnel. The neuroligists that performed these tests, said that he would like to have a meeting with me if my doctor would allow. He said that it had symptoms that referred to MS but there were other tests as well. (I had told him that my doctor placed on her paperwork, possible MS) He said that he will talk to my doctor and through her we can set up an appointment.
I have several symptoms that are the same as I have read hear in this forum. I am scheduled for an MRI next week. I am not scared. I just don't know if I want to go through all this testing to hear a response that I am just [COLOR=Blue]"stressed" [/COLOR] as i have read in other posts.
HEre are some of my symptoms, maybe someone could post back and let me know if these sound like 'Stress'.... [COLOR=Magenta]I would love to hear from you, anyways, just to know that I am not alone! [/COLOR] My arms and legs swell up and is very hard to use. They stiffen up. After a day or two they go back to normal size. It may be longer. Unfortunately, I have done a very poor diary of my symptoms. I would write what was going on but I left out how long I was suffering with such symptoms.
My [COLOR=Blue]legs twitch [/COLOR] and this carries on for at least a week at a time. I could be sitting or laying down when I notice it. My [COLOR=Blue]face twitches [/COLOR] alot as well. IT has become [COLOR=Blue]numb and tingly[/COLOR]. As if it fell asleep. My face also itches during certain times. How long??? I don't know. [COLOR=Blue]My eyes twitch alot[/COLOR], especially on my left side. I try to place my hand on it to stop it, but that does not help. I get [COLOR=Blue]stabbing pains, very excruciating behind my eyes[/COLOR]. I have recently developed what looks like a greyness in my vision. I do wear glasses already. And have very poor eyesight.
I have had [COLOR=Blue]7 bladder infections in the past 10 months[/COLOR]. Alot of them I try to control by myself. One gave me a trip to the emergency room because I could no longer handle the pain, nor was my pain meds helping. I needed stronger meds.
About 2 years ago I was [COLOR=Blue]diagnosed with IBS[/COLOR]. No TESTS were performed, just the diagnosis, based on what I told the dr. The doctor I seen was not my family doctor, he is actually a specialist. I have severe constipation at times, and loose stools at other times. I deal with nausea.
I have been [COLOR=Blue]tested for diabetes[/COLOR], came back negative.
[COLOR=Blue]I fall alot[/COLOR]. I like to walk, but I fall when I am walking. I really don't know what happens but I cannot catch myself. It just seems to happen so quickly. One time I got up from a sitting position (I was sitting for no more than 30 minutes, I had a timer on, I was cooking.) and I thought that I was going to take a step and fell forwards. I could not bend my legs nor could I move them. This has just happened this month. IT has been the only occasion to this extreme. I fell on a piece of furniture bruising one of my legs terribly. I slapped my legs trying to bring feeling to them, I did not even have tingling as if they fell asleep. Finally, after a few minutes I started getting feeling back to them, not stable feeling a very wobbly feeling. Neverthe less, i was eventually back on my feet and in the kitchen. One time I fell with dinner. that was devastating emotionally. Everyone was asking me if I was ok and trying to help me up and I could not even give them an answer why I fell. I did not go to the doctor, because I fall alot. I shrugged it off. I fall on my way to work (twice within the past 2 months) skinning up my knees and tearing my pants at the knees. I hate it. But I shrugged it off. Clumsiness I claimed.
I have dropped my china one time because I [COLOR=Blue]lost all muscle feelings in my hands. [/COLOR] Again I was angry and sad.
My [COLOR=Blue]mouth gets numb and I saliva alot [/COLOR] and [COLOR=Blue]cannot speak clearly nor do I feel like I am thinking clearly.[/COLOR]Sometimes I cannot come up with a simple word like "rag, screwdriver, shoes" I hate it.I forget things OFTEN. I have to write things down because I just [COLOR=Blue]cannot seem to retain things[/COLOR].
I have been having problems with [COLOR=Blue]incontinence.[/COLOR]
When I walk for a mile, (like I said I LOVE walking my feet hurt awful!) I love to hike and this does depress me. [COLOR=Red]So depression, no wonder![/COLOR]
There is so much more, but I will end this thread with this....finally.

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