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Hi, mammabear. im sorry to here of your problems. ive been suffering with symptoms very simular to yours. for the last 2 years. i went for my first brain mri scan last week. my neurologist thinks its just stress.he has'nt got a clue.. im waiting for my results to come back...dont know how long it will take!

what other tests have you had done.. ive had all the basic blood tests. such has. diabetes, tyroid, vitamin b12,b1,magnesium,celiac test,adrenal name a few. all of these can mimic ms.
have you thought about getting tested for LYME DISEASE. you symptoms sound very much like it..alot of people thet have been diagnosed with ms. actaly have lyme.
you need to go to somewhere like igenex in going to get tested has soon has i get my mri results back!!!

anyway i thought i just mention it...its a possibility!


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