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Alexanderg, I am doing pretty well. Seem to be fighting a cold which is sapping me of energy, but mostly good!
About a year ago I developed L'Hermitte's (vibrating/electric shock sensation down spine to legs and arms when you bend your neck forward). It was pretty extreme, for a few weeks I had a constant pulsing vibration in my lower back, if I tipped my head forward slightly my legs went numb, then my arms starting being partially numb all the time. A couple of times my torso also went numb. I went to a GP in April, then a neurosurgeon, then a neurologist in late May/early June. No one suspected MS, but my cervical spine MRI and x-rays were completely normal so I had a brain MRI. A few small lesions, they still didn't suspect MS but ordered evoked potentials and LP. Meanwhile my neuro gave me neurontin for the numbness (it really does help me a lot) and offered me antidepressants (I declined at first, but now take Effexor).
I had the LP in August, got my dx Sept 23rd, started Copaxone in November.
I was very fortunate to get diagnosed in 6 months, I credit my neuro's open-mindedness (she didn't THINK it was MS, but wanted to rule it out!) and her determination to find answers. Seems they drew gallons of blood over a few months and she ordered 21 tests on my spinal fluid and blood the day I had the LP. But she got answers.
My family doesn't really understand but for the most part they listen and are supportive. Still I tend not to complain to them, they overreact and that can be stressful for me. But I don't get ridiculed any longer if I have to go to bed at 8 or 9 pm!
I do hope you make progress with your doctor. Unfortunately it does seem you have to kick some of them in the pants (or grab them by the necktie!) to get things moving...

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