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Keep strong,it's hard when your scared.I had went through 4 neurosurgeons(previous lumbar surgeries) at top clinics,symptoms not from that.I have been to 3 neurologist,not one looked at the actual MRI's. 4th neuro said brain atrophy,significant with ms.No lesions,some lesions can disappear in time.Lumbar Puncture,high elevation of myelin basic protein.(not used to determin MS anymore)but significant with demyelination seen in MS.Absolutly no reflex in rt ankle,diminished in rt elbow.Romberg sign positive.Antalgic gait.Still only probable MS.
Every possible neurological disorder has been ruled DR. is pretty sure it is MS.He's been great the last 2 years.
I also have chronic muscle spasms and spasticity.I take 4 meds to control it.I am always of balance,muscle weakness,blurred and double vision,numbness,tingling,plus a host of more.I have lost my vision twice now.I'm tired of the pain its always at an 8 out of 10.Heat has been my worse enemy.My last attack was bad,I couldn't move my rt arm and leg.Each attack effects the rt side.My worst fear is I'm rt handed.
I stay busy and continue plugging away.I have a neuro appointment monday,it's been a while,if they don't schedule new MRI's I'm gonna blow.
Out of frustration today I called the Cleveland Clinic the MS Mellon Center I have an appointment in 3 weeks,no referral needed.I explained my past 2 year ordeal and fears and got in.I figured I'd have a 6 month waiting period.They have all my medical records I just seen a neuromuscular specialist there this month.I was shocked she didn't send me there.It was well worth seeing her though they ruled out ALS,Lupus,Lyme,Sarcadosis,Myopathy,Neuropathy,B12 defficiency,thyroid,rheumatoid
arthrisis and skin sensory diseases.I do know what it is not.
Keep searching,get another opinion.I have found after 10 different DRs only a few actually listen.keep a journal of symptoms,get copies of all medical records.You know how you feel and first instincts are usually pretty good.It gets frustrating and down right discouraging.I use to go to bed ever night scared,now I get up every morning and ask what body part is not going to move.Its a new way of living and the residual effects each attack has left is here to stay.It took 2 years to get to this point.

Prayers to you

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