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Apr 4, 2006
Hello anybody! i've joined this website because i'm frustrated and depressed because no-one seems to know what's wrong with me but to me it sounds very much like i have MS but nobody is telling me so!

I woke up about 8 months ago with funny vision, the room was kind of swimming and after a day it subsided just to be double vision on the left hand side which i still have. Since then i have had 2 other episodes, both the same, a very strong numbness sensation all over which localised to numb spots on my face after a day but during this time my speech was very slightly slurred. Since then i have had a tingly itchy face where the numb spots were which comes off and on but it feels like i can't scratch the itches as if they are 'below the skin??!' An MRI scan after the visual episode revealed what my neurologist described as a small dot in the visual field of my brain but i am still waiting for my next scan.

The wait is killing me, I have become depressed and i am permanently distracted and tired. Some days i feel fine and others i feel poo! But my neurologist seems to be unalarmed and says to just wait and see.

What i am really hoping for is to speak to anyone with any similar experiences or just a friendly ear as I don't feel like my friends can really understand and i am acting very out of charcter and irratic, I don't really know if this is because of phisical symptoms or due to stress! It feels like i'm going a bit crazy!

I know that these problems are quite trivial in the scheme of things but everything has happened so quickly in the space of about 6 months and during that time things have gone pretty wrong in my personal life and i feel a bit alone. Thanks for any advice or replies!

much love and best wishes, sophie x


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