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No numbness on the left side of my face, BUT, I have had problems with the right side and my jaw, like it locks up and I cannot talk, it vibrates and then goes away. Sometimes I think it is something in my ear or that region, maybe sinus I don't know :confused:

I have had 2 relapses and never had any numbness in my face at all. Just in my body.
Hi Kimber,

One of my first symptoms was intermittent hearing loss in my left ear - and numbness on the left side of my face. It sounded like I had water in my ear. It would come and go, and the ENT said there was nothing wrong with me. My neuro didn't comment on it.

I recently had Optic Neuritis in my right eye, and was treated with IV Solumedrol. I now have numbness on the right side of my face, and hear what sounds like church bells in my right ear. I have no doubt that the hearing disturbances are related to my flareups.

Ironically, I was initially sent to a neurosurgeon because they thought I had a small tumor in my inner ear (balance problems, etc). My MRI showed multiple lesions in my brain - but no tumor. Three months later, the lesions had tripled in number.

hi tammy, boy we have alot in common with the m.s. infact exactly the same.Going off the subject of the numbness and ear thing,... i have decided not to take any meds at all from the very first day i was diagnosed only because i believe that by taking meds opens up a whole new can of worms and the meds will do nothing but aggrivate the m,s, you know "stir it up", i am perfectly fine with the minute symptoms im having now with the double vision which i take care of myself by looking through my microscope with a small blue halogen light that seems to reflect off the mirror and go through the micro lense and the magnified light must come in and bounce off my optic nerve and realine it somehow thats my own way of treating it as i stumbled upon this miracle one day by chance, so when ever i have double vision flare up, i go through this process and Ta Da!!! fixed!! It seems everyone (im not discounting anyone at all for taking meds because everyone is different in this situation, its just my own way of handling and making the choices myself) but it seems eveyone is always talking about side effects from the meds they are on and soon to realize M.S. is not the topic anymore , its the side effects that is the discusion. Personally i like to know what is happening to my body and i want to feel it and not cover it up with meds, and deal withi it on a personal basis with my mind and body and try to work it out by focusing on YOGA, and art, animal training and the buddist religion. For now i feel like im doing the right thing but who knows, this could change .. I get dizzy but not so dizzy i cant function or drive, the defness is slowly going away, by the way i heard air raid sirens all day yesterday.I am assuming this is a sypmtom, didnt hinder my daily function routine.facial numbness is slowly going away, my face didnt get droopy so i didnt realy care ecept when i ate a whole bunch of sunflower seeds and didnt feel what i was doing to my cheek on the inside of mouth, chewed it up pretty bad, oh well,,,, oh yes and one other thing i am bipolar and not on meds for that eaither, i feel the meds for m.s. will really play a big number on me snd really screww with the bipolar. for the same reason as i dont like the zombie i become on meds, ill just stay my wacky silly manic self, im fine with it, well thanks for your input nice chatting with you take care kimber

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