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Hey Guys,

I don't think that I have been on this message board since about October of 2005. I had multiple MRI's and nothing showed up. I also had test to check for blockages in my legs and still nothing showed up. I had a test at the ear nose and throat doctor, where they blow hot and cold air into your ears. It is some kind of a balance test. My ear nose and throat doctor said that it showed that my brain wasn't sending signals right on the left side of my brain. Every neurologist I go to tries to tell me that I am crazy and sends me away. I just decided to go back to work in October of last year and try to forget these symptoms. Then all of a sudden this month bam! They are back. I have severe balance problems. My hands and toes turn blue. I had a band around my left thigh that felt funny. I don't know if it was numb or not but when you would touch it, it almost felt like I was touching my leg with an ice cube. I have muscle spasms all the time. I am having trouble with my bladder. I sometimes feel myself jumping inside my body. The other night I felt like the bed was vibrating but it wasn't. I sometimes get these sharp almost like electric shocks in my back. I have trouble seeing out of my left eye but I have not experienced any pain in the eye. I have numbness in tingling, mostly in my feet and hands. I have three toes on my left foot and one on my right foot that is always numb, but sometimes they hurt. My hands, the other night, were white around my knuckles but red everywhere else. I could probably go on and on and on. What does this sound like to you guys? What should I do? Should I keep trying different doctors or just give up? I know what I am experiencing is not depression or all in my head but I am getting discouraged and feel like that I have no where to turn. Thanks for listening. I would say that I am glad to be back but I was hoping that these symptoms would go away, but at least I have you guys here to talk with. Thanks for listening!! Lilc, I see you are still going strong on the message board. I hope that you are doing okay!!


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