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You all talk about "tingling",does it feel like a vibration......almost like your cell phone is on vibate.
The reason I ask is I get this feeling in different parts of my if there is a deep vibration within my body........a couple of times I thought I had my cell phone on me........but I didn't.
I have just recently started getting twinges of twitching muscles in my back and on my left leg - this too lasts only a few seconds. Same as the tingling on my head. Neither symptom is associated with pain for me. Just weird....

I think maybe some people describe the "vibrating" sensation you are feeling as "jumping" muscles. Like a spasm?
Actually, when I first started having sx of my last attack I kept reaching for my cell phone. Before the numbness and pain I had a vibrating sensation, mostly in my lower back. (I got interesting hits when I googled for "vibrating sensation in spine".) At its worst it was a pulsing vibration, like a cat's purr, living inside my body, and I could not shut it off.
The cell phone analogy is exactly right. It wasn't muscular for me, much deeper than the muscles. It was as if the core of my body was vibrating.
The "tingling" came later for me. Vibrating was first. The "tingling" I feel is like when a body-part is half "asleep". Partial numbness. When it goes on for an entire day it starts to feel like someone is sanding my skin. It is very annoying.

This was secondary from the numbness and tingling.I had the vibrations for almost 2 months.They migrated to different body parts,like Lilc stated they were deep vibrations,not painful,but annoying.At first they scared me.Now they appear usually in the right foot daily.
I have felt the vibration you are talking about. It usually covers a larger area than just a muscle twitch does. I've felt it across my entire lower abdomen. With my last flareup, which affected my right side, I began having the same vibration sensation from my neck into my shoulder and down my arm. It really is an odd sensation. Definitely different than a spasm, etc.
I have that too... I never have my phone on vibrate just because of that reason... I'd think I was getting very popular, lol. What really irritates me, is the jumping muscles in my stomach... I'd swear I was pregnant again, if I didn't know better.
I posted about this before and I am feeling the same vibration feeling. It is not a muscle twitch or spasm cause I have those and they are totally different. When my muscle twitch or jump I can actually see a little peice of a certain muscle jumping, but When I feel the vibration like if it is vibrating in my arm my whole arm vibrates and you can see the vibration just as you would a cell phone if it was laying down and you were watching it vibrate. I get it in my right arm and now I am starting to get it in my legs. It doesnt happen that often though. When I went to my nuero a few weeks ago I forgot to tell them about it because it is a new symptom for me. They even asked me if I had any new symptoms and at the time I didnt even remember that I did. I didnt even think I had a problem with memory until I actually remembered that I forgot something. So does anyone know what that vibration is called????????????
You know, I haven't found a medical term for it. Maybe we can make up a name for it?! :bouncing:
I have "may be MS" i also have the vibration I have it in both legs. Bothersome!!
I had the worst vibrations in my head (I swear!) on and off for almost 2 months, and my doctor kept trying to discredit me and tell me I had a virus! I was checked out by my primary and nothing else was wrong with me. This vibrating, or "buzzing" sensation was so disturbing and it was really felt when I went to bed. It was so hard to get to sleep and I swear I heard a buzzing noise as well. It was on and off, thank goodness, but it was also accompanied by crazy dizziness on and off throughout the day (also played off as a virus by my doc!)

I'm so glad others can identify this feeling, no matter where they're experiencing it....I sounded like a kook telling the doctor, but I knew it wasn't normal and I don't think a virus would cause such neurological disturbances! Plus I read that when there is a lesion on the brain stem (which I have and it caused double vision in my left eye last year), it can cause dizziness. But do the doctors listen to me? Any vibrating is very disturbing and REAL!
I have major tremor like feeling in my head all the time. I am now going for vestibular therapy. I have dizziness with it. I have had this since Jan. and I am so tired of it. Help us!!!!!!!!!!

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