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I posted about this before and I am feeling the same vibration feeling. It is not a muscle twitch or spasm cause I have those and they are totally different. When my muscle twitch or jump I can actually see a little peice of a certain muscle jumping, but When I feel the vibration like if it is vibrating in my arm my whole arm vibrates and you can see the vibration just as you would a cell phone if it was laying down and you were watching it vibrate. I get it in my right arm and now I am starting to get it in my legs. It doesnt happen that often though. When I went to my nuero a few weeks ago I forgot to tell them about it because it is a new symptom for me. They even asked me if I had any new symptoms and at the time I didnt even remember that I did. I didnt even think I had a problem with memory until I actually remembered that I forgot something. So does anyone know what that vibration is called????????????

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