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I have had MRI of Lumbar,Thorasic,C-spine and Brain, 3 EMG/NCS,Evoked Potentials,Lumbar Puncture and multiple blood test.I have seen 4 neurosurgeons,3 neurologist,Family Dr.Neuromuscular specialist and a Electromuscular DR.
First neuro-never examined me-said I was depressed-5 minute discussion(what a wacko)
Second neuro-emergency visit on request of my neurosurgeon-neurosurgeon thought it was muscular disease.
Third neuro--thorough DR,but a pathilogical liar,tells patient one thing test state a different diagnosis.
Neurosurgeon 1-great DR. symptoms not coming from previous lumbar surgeries,but I could be wrong sent me to a surgical specialist,not coming from back.First surgeon not thrilled with results sends me to 3rd neurosurgeon not coming from back,so I went back to Michigan and seen original surgeon,not coming from back surgery.
I was sent to a large clinic to neuro muscular specialist,not coming from any form of muscle disease.Multiple test and blood test all normal.
Electro muscular DR. and family Dr are at witts ends,they know something is going on.
I see neuro number 2 on tuesday and I'm taking all my test results with me.He seems to be on top of things.I have not seen him in 6 months.I probably should of stayed with him,but his office is so packed and he was to check for a muscular disease.i'm hoping he can make heads or tails out of all these reports or run new test.
With MS,symptoms can appear before diagnostic evidence.In our medical community DRs want a clear cut cases,for a diagnoses of MS they use the Mcdonald crieria score and if you don't clinically fit this,they won't diagnose you.There is not one test to diagnose MS.Many are considered non-specific until 2 or 3 are abnormal.
My many Drs I have seen have come up with several theries,basically they don't know.
The diagnoses of demyelinating disease of unknown orgin came back when the lumbar puncture results showed high levels of myelin basic protein,showing I was having an attack.My brain MRI states I have cortical atrophy,stating a demyelinating causes,C-spine,spondylotic changes possible demyelination.These test are showing abnormalities,but they don't fit a specific criteria.
I have just ask my doctors to treat the multiple symptoms I have.I can't sit in limbo land and stress over a diagnosis I may or may not ever get.I know what its not and that releives me a lot.I have chronic muscle spasms and I take quinine , baclofen,zanaflex.Vicidin for pain and valium for nerve pain when needed.Diagnosing MS is a long process and stressful.Patients is what it takes.I have no clue where I'm heading at this point.I have already have had one major attack that has left lasting disabilities.I may never have one again or I could.But I keep on functioning,many things I can't do anymore,but I still try and it has slowed me down.I hope all works out for you,be up front with your DRs and persistant,if its something your not sure of don't leave not knowing.If they give you a possible reason for your symptoms,ask how they come to that conclusion.It will ease your mind and you'll sleep alot better.
Prayers to you

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