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Re: Good news...
May 23, 2006
Thanks Nuffs and Barb! I was really having second thoughts about the Cytoxan and the sterility side effects. I already have a child, but still. Having that oppurtunity taken away from you seems like a huge decision, and I don't think I was ready to make it!

Barb... I am scheduled for Botox on the 2nd! Now that it's scheduled, I am alittle nervous about it though. My neurologist told me that the "stiffness" in my knee is really a result of my hamstring muscle being so weak, therefore the other muscles can't counteract it properly. This doctor is going to inject directly above my knee, into my quad, in 3 areas. He said the area affected by the Botox is only about an inch or so. But I do believe that spasticity plays a role because my neuro did some tests and could tell my legs are still very spastic. I am comfortable with my 90mgs of Baclofen a day, and don't want to increase it because I have trouble standing on the jelly legs! So anyway... I hope the Botox will relax those muscles just enough to losen up my knee, but hopefully not too much to make me even more weak. It's a balancing act, and I hope we get it right :)

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