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[SIZE=3][COLOR=Teal][FONT=Verdana]Greetings Everyone,

I hope you can help me. I was diagnosed with SLE about 3 years ago but last year one of my doctors stongly suggested that I have an MRI to rule out MS because of tremors, fatigue, stuttering, forgetfulness, weakness, numbness and CNS difficulties, I literally jump out of bed from a deep sleep the tremors are so bad sometimes!

I had 7 of the criteria for SLE but my doctor has told me that its sometimes hard to know and that he could be wrong.

ok so I finally went for the MRI and they found two small deep Demylinations which the report states cannot rule out MS which shocked my doctor says he thinks I probably do have MS and that the SLE diagnosis was most likely a mis diagnosis....but how can this be???? I have severe joint and bone pain...can MS cause this problem as well? I was reading tonight and I do alot of the MS markers or criteria...

Im just sort of lost with this..I have NOT had any breaks from this disease since it began 3 years ago out of the blue after I injured a finger by slamming a door it honestly felt like I broke my body not just my finger...

IF this is MS it does not bode well for m ein that I have not felt any lapses in this disease process that has occurred and to find out that my doctor thinks its MS...well I feel like I just started accepting lupus!

OK here is my MRI findings...maybe you all would know if I should even be concerned or not.

mri brain w/ and wo contrast

iv gadolinium used

Procedure: Flair coronal, PD FSE axial, t2 fat saturated axial, T1 sagittal, thin flair sagittal. Post gadiolinium t1 coronal and MTC axial sequences.

FINDINGS: on the thin FLAIR sagittal sequence, there are two small periventricular white matter T2 hyerintense foci. These are just above te body of the left corpus callosum. The remainder of the brain is unremarkable, With no abnormal signal or enhancing masses. The ventricles and cisterns are symmetric. The gray white junction is preserved

The visualized portions of the paranasal and mastoid sinuses are clear.

two small, deep white matter T2 hyperintensities, which are nonenhancing. These are nonspecific. While a demyelinating process, such as multiple Sclerosis is possible these findings are not diagnositic for this disease.


So why would my doctor say he believes I DO have MS???

Thank you for reading and hopefully responding to this! I appreciate your time!

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