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Hi, I'll try to explain some of what I know as best I can.A lesion is a scar on myelin sheath covering your nerves.In ms, your body's immune system "turns" on itself and attacks the coverings on these nerves in nervous system.Kind of like a worn electrical wire. What your saying sounds like your mri has showed evidence of these scars on spinal cord, but none in brain.Also saying that the signals that run along your nervous system are reduced because of this scarring. This is causing problems with legs. You haven't said much about symptoms, but I'm assuming that you are having numbness, tingling, or possibly tremors in your legs. That's due to the scars on spinal cord.Could also be having same types of symptoms in arms.Tests refer to this, but unsure. I'm no doctor, but talk to your neuro about all results.I hope this has helped you figure it out a bit, but don't get too nervous until you talk to dr to see exactly what you are dealing with.

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