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Jun 6, 2006
Hello everyone... Hello Barbelle! So I had the Botox injections into my left quad on Friday. Unfortunetly, it has not fixed my walking. But it has made me realize that there are a few factors affecting my gait: the weakness in my ankle, and the weakness in my hamstring are 2 other major factors. When I wake up in the morning, my legs typically do a "stretch" for about 45 minutes until the Baclofen kicks in. Since the Botox, my leg spasticty has diminished in my left leg :) So that is good news! Getting around the house is much easier now. It has definitely freed up my knee joint to move in the way that it should. So, when I am rested, my walking is much improved. It's just that it doesn't take long for me to tire, and then my walking gets out of wack again. But when the ankle strength and hamstring strength are all in line, I feel much better walking! Something tells me I would benefit from an AFO, or that type of device, to aid in ankle support. That is something I plan on looking into further. So all in all, I am happy I had the procedure done, and hope to continue to do so. My walking will not be 100%, but it has made a difference! Take care :angel:

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