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Make sure when you see a neuro he orders both the spine and the brain MRI, some doctors just order up the brain, because that's the most common place for people to have plaques initially. I was an exception though... they did the brain and it showed nothing... after another bout of ON they ordered another MRI of the brain and spine... My spine was caked with lesions. They didnt' need any more tests, they dx me on the spot. My brain has since caught up plaque wise, but it's important that you have both MRI's done. I get MRI's every two years minimum so they can track the progression. They are the best tool for monitoring the MS. Spinals are painful, and even if your levels are elevated, they will blame it on something else if the MRI is normal. High BP will cause vertigo... so that may be a BP problem and not an MS problem, although it could also be a problem for MS. I have a lot of Vertigo and I have great BP. Working and Stress will also make MS go haywire. I went on disability two years ago, and it's by far the best thing I could have done. I have much fewer attacks.

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