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Hi there, I've posted before about some recent MS-like symptoms. After going to my GP, he decided that it would be a good idea for me to get an MRI. I had an MRI of my brain and c-spine (w/contrast) done yesterday morning. When I spoke to the secretary at the clinic over the phone, I was told that I would be getting an MRI of my brain, cervical spinal cord, and thoracic spinal cord for $1400 (CAD). When I got to the clinic, I found out that the $1400 only included the brain and cervical spinal cord. Since I'm a poor student, I had no choice but to forego the thoracic MRI.

The MRI technician could see that I was very anxious, so he broke the rules (your family doctor is the one who's supposed to give you the news, good or bad) and told me that everything looked great. He was nice enough to send the images over to a neurologist who works with the clinic, and the neuro said that everything looked good. I'll be getting the official report on monday or tuesday.

Did I make a big mistake? Should I have get a thoracic spine MRI? I'm not sure that it's necessary because many of my symptoms (most) are symptoms that could not be the result of lesions in the thoracic spine (e.g. vision problems, lightheadedness, brain fog, memory problems, neck pain, eye twitches, etc). Thanks for the advice.

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