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Lanahoop, yes, I've read that spinal lesions are more likely to impact mobility than brain lesions. But I've also read that the impact of brain lesions can't really be predicted.
My personal experience is this: I developed SEVERE L'Hermitte's a little over a year ago. Had a c-spine MRI, nothing. C-spine x-rays, nothing. (In fact, neurosurgeon said he "couldn't believe he was looking at the neck of a woman my AGE who smokes". (LOVE that "woman your age" stuff - I was 48 at the time, not THAT old!)
Went through tests for other possible causes, including pernicious anemia, MGUS (that was scary), Lupus, Lyme, thoracic and lumbar MRIs - all negative.
I have "several" small brain lesions, based on 2 MRIs done 3 months apart, after the L'Hermitte's had subsided.
L'Hermitte's seems almost always to be attributed to cervical spine issues - yet I have none. The conclusion my neuro came to, after LP (>5 o-bands) and consultation with other neuros was MS. The brain lesions MAY have caused all the sx.
My point is that while some aspects of demyelinating disease may be somewhat predictable, they (Drs) are ultimately guessing. Don't assume their predictions are correct - your memory and stamina might not be comprimised. DO pay attention to what your body tells you!

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