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Petechiea is the name of the little red dots.

They can be auto-immune related not a marker for MS.Petechiea can be seen in rhematoid (sp) arthritis,vasculitis,scladerma(sp)

A blood test should be done to check your platlet count,could be a sign for leukemia.

It is common to see this in B-12 deficiency or low folic acid.
They are seen with pregnancy

Contact your DR and have him run a simple blood test,usually they are idiopathic-unknown orgin


Hi everyone. I do have a few questions. Petechiea are small red dots that can appear anywhere on the body. Does anyone take anytype of medication that thins out the blood? example: tylenol, plavix, coumadin, asprin? If so, this could also be the cuase. In any case you should let you primary know as soon as possible, because there are other conditions that can cause petechiea such as vascular insuficiency. Hope this helps.

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