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Newbie to MS Boards
Jun 25, 2006
Hi, Everyone. :wave:

I've been reading the most recent posts and see myself here in the boards too much for comfort. :(

I, too, have NOT been dx'd with MS as yet, but it is strongly suspected. I have degenerative disc desease and a host of other spinal problems all through my back and neck. I suffered an injury to my lower back last August. Shortly after that I began running low grade fever, having joint and muscle pain all over my body, numbness in my hands (I already had pain and numbness in my legs and feet from the back injury), intractable headaches, fatigue, ringing ears, extreme weakness, terrible pain in my right heal when I stood on that foot or applied any pressure to the heal, extreme fatigue, gait/balance problems, bladder, bowel, and sexual dysfunction, tremors, sleep problems, trouble spelling and other cognitive problems, short term memory loss, vertigo, extreme weight loss (35 lbs in 3 months), a whole plethora of problems I've probably forgotten, and oh, did I mention dibilitating fatigue? :dizzy:

I have seen a top rheumatologist in Houston and he finds nothing wrong as far as RA, parvovirus, Lymes, etc. One neurologist did EMG/NCV x 4 extremities and found only carple tunnel, but will not take my insurance to do other testing, however, suspects MS. In fact, no other neurologist in Houston will take this crappy insurance. :mad: My pain management doctor, orthopedic doctor, cardiologist, ob/gyn all suspect MS. Even my internist who recently dx chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia "in addition to whatever [I'm] dealing with neurologically," suspects MS. I recently read that researchers have found evidence that MS and CFS/FMS are kissing cousins so to speak, related by a virus that they have in common.

So, I'm off to Buffallo, NY next month to see a neurologist who takes my insurance :) and see if he can tell me if it is MS or not or what exactly it is. And if it is, hopefully there are other drugs they can treat me with that don't have steroids involved because I'm allergic to steroids. :eek:

Well, that's it for now. I just wanted to introduce myself and say Hi. :wave: If anyone has had a similar experience, especially with the steroid allergy, be an :angel: and please respond to let me know what the alternatives are. Thanks and I'll be talking with you. :)


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