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MS in 6 weeks?
Jun 28, 2006
Does anyone know if its possible to get MS in 6 weeks?

Also in Aug 05 my hubby began having pain in the lower back/hip area that continued to increase in intensity. He has been told that his pelvis has separated from his spine. He has a pinched nerve at L4 & nerve damage in left leg. Now muscle loss in lower spine and left leg. His Left ankle and knee are in a lot of pain, his right leg is becoming affected – locking up muscles. He has been using a cane for about 8 mos –walks stooped over.

Also, abdominal pain, very intense
Along with black stool

Hospitalized for about a week recently for some testing.

-MRI’s done- brain MRI showed 3 white spots and the spine MRI showed one lesion on the spinal cord in the lower back-

1. Possible MS --
2. Or, could the white spots be from the viral infection in his neck lymph nodes, 2 of which were removed in 1997 resulting in temporary facial paralysis ----there was mention of the auricular nerve and its posterior branch to the ear lobe area and a lymph node in the right lower neck overlying the spinal accessory nerve being affected. There was DNA mutation - cause was thought to be viral in nature.
3. Also, fibromyalgia and other conditions could show similar symptoms.
4. If they are so sure it is MS why has he not been put on MS medication? (Just meds for everything else!)

* Somebody let me know what you think!, do you think its ms or some else*

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