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I know how you feel, Im going to my second nuero, first one said i was fine and all my symptoms would eventually just go away.. This new one says something is defintly going on nuerologically, but he doesnt think its ms, so for now i cant have further testing, i too passed the pin and eye and walk the straight line test.. mri was clean and emg was normal all blood work normal, but i feel horrible and have many ms symptoms, he does however want me to keep a journal until next appt, he said he needs to see how my smptoms come together.. maybe you could try that. He thinks i may have migranes and rls.. today i got that electric shock feeling in right side of neck and it really hurt, i dont know if that classifies as lhermitte's or not, I get tingling in my legs and head and face but sometimes i think it could be a vibration feeling, sometimes its so difficult to explain to the doctors how you are really feeling.. If your mri's are all normal then the doctor may just want to take a wait and see approach, i hear that is quite common.. just be persistant and dont give up with the doctors.. if you dont get anywhere with this one then seek another opinion..

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