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I a am 28 year old mom of 3. I was diagnosed with late Lyme infection in Feb. I began antibiotics (Doxy-400 mg and Flagyl-500 mg) right away. I expected to see improvement for my symptoms but have only gotten worse. My Lyme symptoms were many: exhaustion, hypotension, arthritis pain all over, strange shooting pains, pain in one spot in mid spine area, weak muscles, some nausea/dizziness, no libido, horomone problems, dramatic weight loss, cognitive problems (memory, problems with speech) also irritability and of course, depression. Also, I don't know if any of you have experienced this very bizzare sleep paralysis where you wake up and you are paralyzed all over-everything even your lips are completely numb. Takes a little bit to gradually be able to move a limb and when you do it is so heavy. If any of you know what I am talking about, please write so I don't feel like a weirdo!:confused:
The last couple of months I have continued to have the annoying pain in the mid spine area. Some days it is hard to sit back or lay on my back. If you have ever had an epidural, it feels like an epidural is in that spot in my back.
My left leg has been going numb and staying numb. At first it was a couple of days at a time, followed by heel pain. Now it is frequently numb and my hands and arms are starting to go numb as well. Some days, my fore arms feel very "weak" and sore and things are harder to lift. I have had 3 episodes of major lightning bolt like pain shoot through the top of my head and it was so intense, but only lasted a few minutes.
I saw a Neuro Dr. Monday and he made no speculations. Only said I needed to have several MRI's done asap. I go in next Thur. for those. I see him the following Mon. for the MRI results and game plan. He offered me no medication and no ideas as to what he thinks this is. I am wondering what you guys think? Could it be MS? I have read that Lyme can cause demylination SP? of brain/spinal cord.
Thank you in advance for any comments.:angel:

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