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Hi- new to this site but I need some answers. mother of two teenage daughters suffering from multiple symptoms. facial numbness and tingeling,shock like feeling down arms and temple. history of MRI's showing some demyl (4 yrs ago) now returning with a vengence. Had recent MRI which showed more plaque-going to new neuro on 7/18. been to several specialists- 1st diagn was MS? then to migraines? lower back pain. confusion, dizziness. I also suffer from panic attacks? (wooosh feeling- fog over sight,racing heart) have gone through spinal tap 4 yrs ago-showed no lymes MS ruled out- BUT ITS BACK. I also have intense shooting pains in my left temple area and down my left side at times. constant pain in lower back of neck. Anyone out there have any ideas about what to take? I cannot tolerate beta blockers.Been on prednisone before but don't like it. any vits or supplements you can suggest? any input would be appreciated- Thanks a bunch- I'm very scared and need some guidance.:eek:
hi im new to ms [prob had for yrs but no ins so never went to dr ] there a set of vitamins that is recomended do seach on web stay out of heat-cool showers/from i have read drs dont want to give dxd of ms to sure/mentally is the hardest part-time moves very slow/stay cool-try to sleep these seem to help/ask dr for help w/sleep. stress makes it worse/i no i am very stressed/just started avonex 2nd dose mon/ peace/stay in touch/im in buffalo :cool:
thanks for your quick reply-guidance.Its too hot-locked in the house with the air blasting. Just did a BUNCh of housework and the arms feel numb and I'm fatigued. Is the medication you are taking for MS per say? is it to lessen the severity of your symptoms? I originally went to see a neurologist that thought it may be MS and he had me go through all these tapes etc. To prepare myself for shots. I then went to two more specialist in upstate ny( I'm from Cooperstown NY area)One said it was migraines. I've been really lightheaded lately and I had a sensation of "crawlies" down both sides of my face on this past Sun. WEIRD- never had that before. I try to dismiss these "new" symptons-whatever. Keep in touch- Thanks

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